In yesterday's post about compost tea, I mentioned the composting program on Little St. Simons Island, a privately owned eco-resort off the coast of Georgia where I’m staying this week. Part of the waste diversion plan strategy on LSSI includes shredding obsolete paper used in either the island’s administrative offices or guest accommodations and adding it to the organic garden’s worm bins. I haven’t seen the island’s shredder firsthand — I’m guessing it’s a standard electric model — but if the naturalists on LSSI ever need a new shredder and a new coffee table here’s an idea: the Papervore

Sure, the Papervore doesn’t exactly match LSSI’s rustic-chic hunting lodge decorative motif but as a coffee table that shreds, it’s pretty nifty. Designed by Brooklyn’s Pigeontail Design, the Papervore looks like your standard modern coffee table aside, of course, from the manual crank and the big slot in the middle where you can feed your junk mail, old magazines, utility bills, etc. Fast Company doesn’t like the fact that the dump bin is clear but I couldn’t imagine a paper shredding coffee table looking any other way.

The Papervore, winner of the Design Within Reach 2010 Modern | Design | Function competition, is available at Voos for $1,250.

Would you ever consider placing a paper-munching, non-electric coffee table in your home office?  

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Sit back, relax and shred
Take a load off while preparing your junk mail for the compost pile with the Papervore, a coffee table with a built-in paper shredder.