On the prowl for something to keep your hands busy — in addition to flipping through the pages of a new home design and gardening book, of course — during extended summertime chill-out sessions out on the front porch? Here’s an idea: a blood pressure-lowering high-end embroidery kit from Denmark.

Debuting at this year’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair where I got to check out the kits in person, they’re the creation of butterfly-, Bambi-, and bunny-obsessed Danish textile designer Lisa Grue. Each “My Embroidery Kit” includes an embroidery needle, floss, and wooden hoop along with a how-to booklet and oversized cotton fabric printed with one of Grue’s three hand-drawn images — skull, moth, or bobcat — that revolve around the theme of Memento Mori  (translation: “remember your mortality” or “remember you must die.”)


A touch morose, yes, but that’s kind of what Grue is going for. The whole point of the kits is to encourage us to slow the heck down, savor every moment, and embark on a meditative, non-electronic activity ... like embroidery. Says Grue: “I want to invite people into my magical world where moths, bobcats and skulls tells us to slow down and enjoy life. And where they whisper in our ear ‘Memento Mori my Precious.’”


I'll pass on the whispering part, thanks. Each kit — they’re totally meant for beginning embroiderers by the way, so no previous experience with a needle and floss is necessary — comes in a lovely little box that’s secured with a leather belt that you can wear after you’ve completed and hung your tapestry. Described as the “perfect stress release tool,” I can't imagine a better gift for that strung-out DIYer in your life than an embroider-it-yourself wall hanging depicting a pink skull floating above the phrase “sh** happens.” Also great for? Hip grannies into enchanted woodland creatures.


“My Embroidery Kits” will be available on Grue’s webstore in the coming weeks so keep an eye out. Are there any  leisurely paced DIY/crafting projects that you plan on embarking on this summer?


Images: Lisa Grue/Underwerket

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Slow down this summer with a stress-busting DIY embroidery kit
Danish artist Lisa Grue's whimsical, Millennial-friendly embroidery kits are the perfect excuse to take it easy and embark on a home decor crafting project on a