Given that I’ve decamped from Brooklyn and have been blogging from sunny Southern California for the past few days, I suppose it’s only natural that I’ve had celebrity real estate on the brain.

While my post yesterday on the latest endeavor from actress, author, “serial home flipper,” and Bed, Bath & Beyond dishware designer Diane Keaton was a strictly L.A.-centric affair, today I’m moving back to my home turf of New York City for some hot green celebrity goss courtesy of GE’s great new online magazine, Txchnologist. The topic? Residential solar and how much Big Apple-based celebs could potentially save if they invested in rooftop photovoltaics.

Working with New York City Solar America City Partnership’s nifty new New York City Solar Map that “shows solar PV and solar thermal installations in NYC and gives an estimate of solar PV potential for every rooftop in the five boroughs,” the folks at Txchnologist took it upon themselves to plug in the (widely known) addresses of an eclectic mix of well-heeled New Yorkers, ranging from Madonna to Henry Kissinger to former Mayor Ed Koch


 Explains Txchnologist:

… who better to make the (admittedly steep) up-front investment in solar than the icons and celebrities who call New York home? We ran the addresses of prominent movie stars, athletes, CEOs, politicians, and even an economist, into the Solar Map to see how much solar their homes could take. For some, the limited rooftop space or shading makes an installation impractical. For others, notably JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, the size and location of their building’s rooftops suggest the potential to generate up to 100 kilowatts of clean energy. (A typical single home array is about 5 kW).

The survey was by no means scientific and we searched only prominent people whose addresses were widely known (this approach effectively ruled out the outer boroughs, with one key exception). Nor are we suggesting that it would be easy to convince a co-op board to install hundreds of panels, or that solar panels trump, say, urban agriculture as the best use of such space. But New York’s solar revolution has to start somewhere and celeb rooftops seem as good a place as any.

Curious as to how much Jennifer Aniston could save by installing solar panels at 299 West 12th Street? What about Denzel Washington, Sting, Alex Rodriguez, and the other deep-pocketed residents of 15 Central Park West? Get your voyeuristic celebrity solar fix over at Txchnologist's Solar Stars gallery. Those with existing home solar: how do the potential energy savings of these big name addresses compare to the energy savings that you've experienced at your own home?

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Map screenshot: Txchnologist

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Solar stars: They're (somewhat) just like us
Combining urban solar mapping and celeb real estate savvy, Txchnologist publishes a gallery detailing how much famous New Yorkers could save if they were to ins