If you aren't too busy loading your Netflix queue with environmental horror films, creating your very own real life zombie (don't try this one at home, folks), or perfecting your Tony Hayward look (old business suit splattered with motor oil + British accent + expression of complete beleaguerment) or Lady Gaga's "Meat-less Dress" (old white slip plastered with flattened Morningstar Farms boxes + blonde fright wig + impossible-to-walk-in heels), you're probably on the verge of pulling out your stash of Halloween decorations and spooking up your living space (if you haven't already).

Without a doubt, the best Halloween decorations are the homemade ones or the ones created by Mother Nature herself. But what if you aren't keen on gourd displays or don't have the time to craft tombstones out of recycled cardboard? Consider the eight below Halloween décor items that are lovingly handmade by someone else.

Sure, it's just more stuff that appears in your home on a strictly seasonal basis — unless you're big on skulls — but it's stuff that's unique and produced with care. Many of the items are handcrafted from natural and/or recycled and repurposed materials. And perhaps most importantly, it’s the kind of stuff that you won't throw away after a couple of years unlike plastic, mass-produced-in-China Halloween decorations.

Recycled Tomato Paste Drum Pumpkin (short) @ At West End ($59)

Zombie Puzzle by Emmy @ Supermarket ($150)

Anatomical Sweat Heart Tea Towel Set @ girlscantell ($20)

Pumpkin Solar Lights @ treasureagain's Etsy shop ($25.50)

Recycled Tin Ghosts @ Dryads Dancing ($36, sm; $50, lg)

Numbskull No. 61 Upcycled Mahogany Frame Print by Handmade on Peconic Bay @ Supermarket ($118)

Rusted Bat Stake @ Terrain ($18)

Skull and Cross Utensils Baking Cups @ foldedpigs' Etsy shop ($40, set of 4)

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Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.