Happy Summer Solstice, MNN readers! Today not only marks the longest day of the year but the official start of summer although most of us have been in a flip-flop state of mind since the end of May. To mark the changes of seasons, here's a look back at some of the most memorable, most commented on posts from this past spring. It was a super busy season for green home news and there were a couple of reoccurring themes: heated, landscaping-related neighborly disputes involving outrageously wealthy people (and non-wealthy people), and light bulbslots and lots and lots of light bulbs. Did I mention there were a lot of light bulb stories?


In addition to the rich behaving badly and light bulbs, spring 2011 was filled with posts about home furnishings made from unexpected materials by unexpected people, plenty of architectural eye candy, and big developments on the residential solar front both home and abroad. It was also a season the ended on a somewhat sad note with the folding of DIY favorite, ReadyMade magazine.


What’s been your favorite post from this past spring? Was there a particular story that I missed out on that you would like to have seen featured? And are there any hot topics that you'd like to see me tackle this summer? Be sure to keep an eye out for a brand new weekly roundup of exceptional garden gear called "Not of the garden variety" and my upcoming coverage from the Dwell on Design conference in L.A. 




 With Salishan 7, LEED for Homes reaches 10,000 mark

The U.S. Green Building Council certifies its 10,000th LEED residential project and it's an important one: a 91-unit affordable housing project in Tacoma, Wash.


Twitter-sourced 'Quakebook' hits Amazon.com

'Quakebook,' a Twitter-sourced charity eBook filled with gripping firsthand accounts and photos of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan is now available for download on Amazon.com.


LED vs. incandescent: An Easter-time showdown 

To spotlight the heat-emitting, energy-wasting ways of incandescent light bulbs, LED manufacturer Cree puts two blinged-out chocolate Easter bunnies to the test.


Legendary 'East Egg' estate demolished

After falling into disrepair, the Long Island mansion thought to be the inspiration behind F. Scott Fitzgerald's 'The Great Gatsby' is razed to make way for 5 multimillion-dollar homes.


For Earth Day, a different kind of community theatre 

It would be safe to say that Brooklyn's Big Green Theater — an eco-education program where kids create plays performed by adult actors — isn't what most folks think of when thinking of 'community theatre.'




Evergreen homes: Natural Balance House

The Natural Balance House, the first home in the San Juan Islands to seek LEED Platinum certification, features a massive rainwater cistern, geothermal heating and an Orca-cam that provides truly killer views.


 Landscaping Envy gone bad

After a lengthy investigation, an Illinois woman is arrested for posting a Craigslist ad that offered free flowers and bushes — in her unsuspecting neighbor's yard.


'Nature Framed': Chicken Point Cabin

In her new book 'Nature Framed: At Home in the Landscape,' Eva Hagberg examines 2 dozen contemporary residences with very special connections to the great outdoors. Here's a look at one of them.


Giraffe-owning architect seeks green dream home

In celebration of perpetual dilettante Barbie's foray into architecture, Matte teams up with the AIA to launch the Architect Barbie Dream House Design Competition.


Billionaire vs. redwood: The world's most egregious landscaping dispute 

Super rich person Larry Ellison's years-long landscaping nightmare comes to an end as his downhill neighbors, the owners of view-obstructing backyard redwoods, agree to settle out of court.




Safe House: For when security cameras don't cut it


Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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