Never seen the Annabelle Gurwitch-hosted (you might remember her as the original hostess of TBS’s "Dinner and a Movie") Planet Green original program, "Wa$ted"? Well, now’s the time to get watchin’. "Wa$ted" — it recently entered its third season — essentially follows an eco-home makeover format with an emphasis on manageable habit adjustments, not start-from-scratch, infrastructure-related overhauls, that can help households reduce their carbon footprints and save a few bucks to boot.
The format of "Wa$ted" may not be revolutionary — there’s no big, move-that-bus reveal or much razzle-dazzle — but the strengths lie in Gurwitch’s snark-tinged commentary (I had the chance to attend an excellent panel with her yesterday at Planet Green HQ here in NYC, and she’s a real hoot) and some truly choice casting decisions.
On the topic of choice casting decisions, "Wa$ted" meets its match in the Season 3 in the form of Jill Space, the reluctant-but-good-humored matriarch of a Wantage, N.J., zoo-keeping clan (yes, zoo-keeping clan) guilty of committing some serious eco-offensives. In the episode, it’s clear that the Space family is willing to think outside of the box and commit to actions like basic recycling. Jill, however, resists. Oh boy does she resist. Mercifully, at yesterday's panel, Jill herself revealed that she no longer uses disposable paper coffee cups with plastic lids at home and has made the leap to reusable mugs. 
See Jill and the rest of the Space fam in the "Wa$ted" season three mash-up preview video embedded above. The Space segment starts at 5:00, but it’s also worth watching the proceeding clips from an episode in which Gurwitch helps a small business in Brooklyn, Sweet Melissa Patisserie, to go green while not dipping into the red. Enjoy.

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Stay home and get Wa$ted
As it enters its third season, Planet Green's eco-makeover show, 'Wa$ted', faces a most formidable challenge: The Space family of New Jersey.