Here’s a cool new green gizmo on the horizon from Korean wellness-oriented electronics firm Coway: the WM06, a sleek, apartment-friendly tabletop composter or "food waste disposer" that uses natural drying, heat pulverization, and an antibacterial deodorizing feature to transform last night's leftovers into lightweight, odor-less powder that can be used for gardening purposes or disposed of other ways. Dornob dubs the WM06 as a “combination trash-compactor, paper-shredder, and self-sorting recycling bin all in one.”

The obvious caveat with the WM06 is that it requires electricity to operate whereas throwing food scraps in a compost pile and letting Mother Nature work her magic requires absolutely nothing except for a little extra effort. But for those without the luxury of having physical space to compost in and those who avoid composting because of the malodorous musk associated with it, the WMO6 is quite appealing.

It seems that the WM06 has not yet been released in the Korean market but check out the below rendering of the WM03, the WM06’s lil’ sister that also boasts an 80 to 90 percent volume reduction of food waste through drying and pulverization.

Would you be interesting in using a high-tech, electric appliance to compost food scraps? Or would you rather just deal with the occasional stink and just let food waste decompose naturally? 

Via [Dornob] and [Unplggd]

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Stink-free kitchen composting
The Coway WM06 makes composting food waste convenient, stylish and most importantly, easy on the nose.