There’s been a slew of unforgettable — if unsettling — television commercials churned out by Swedish home furnishings retailer IKEA in recent years, depicting the slaughter of garden gnomes, terrifying human-sized dolls and giant disembodied lips among other things.

The meatball-peddling affordable design emporium’s latest brilliant TV advert — titled "The Joy of Storage" and released in the U.K. as part of IKEA's Wonderful Everyday campaign — also falls squarely under the “strange” banner, like the aforementioned ads. But the one-minute ad is mostly just strangely beautiful … a gorgeously produced faux nature documentary about migration so convincing that, 30 seconds through, you’d almost expect David Attenborough to narrate.

But the ad, directed by Dougal Wilson of London-Based Blink Productions, doesn’t show the migration of animals, but the migration of clothing as our short-sleeved tops make the epic and frequently grueling journey into winter storage for the season. Along the way, the migrating tees encounter rough weather, devious children, barking dogs and some breathtaking natural beauty.

And the final destination for these itinerant garments, you may ask? San Diego? Argentina? The Yucatan Peninsula? Nah — they seem to be happy riding out the winter in a PAX wardrobe.a

What a trip. I can't say I've ever been quite as moved by the concept of putting warm weather clothing away.

Via [Gizmodo], [Co.Create]

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