Redecker Scrub Brush @ Crate & Barrel ($4.95)

Haven Lemon Scrub @ West Elm Market ($3)

Goodbye Detergent Multi-Purpose Outdoor Scouring Pads @ ($6.95)

Organic Cotton Scrub Cloths @ Terrain ($20/set of 3)

Truce Clean & Brighten @ Truce ($7)

Charlie's Soap Indoor/Outdoor Concentrated Surface Cleaner @ ($22.49)

Method Power Foam Dish Soap @ Method ($3.99)

Sweep Dreams Handmade Whisk Broom @ Real Goods ($11.95)

Bar Keepers Friend @ Williams-Sonoma ($4.95 - great for cleaning grills!)

If You Care FSC-Certified Latex Household Gloves @ Green Depot ($4.95)

Promo image: BBQ Junkie/Flickr

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