This Sunday is the day for American sports fans. And for those who don’t give a toss about the Pittsburgh Cardinals and the Arizona Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals, it’s a great day to nosh, knock back a few, watch expensive commercials, and pretend that you know what in the world is going on.


During Super Bowl 43, quite a few of us will be opening up our homes to guests for viewing parties. Before you let any crazed football fanatics cross your threshold, be sure to check out Danielle Venokur’s tips on how to throw an eco-friendly Super Bowl soiree. Since Super Bowl parties can veer on the rowdy side, my first recommendation is to keep an arsenal of natural or homemade cleaning products at bay (paging Mrs. Meyer!) My favorite party-throwing tip, one from the inimitable Amy Sedaris, is not exactly green but very practical: Call attention to snoopy guests that peek into your medicine cabinet by filling it with marbles. When they open it, the marbles will spill out, hit the porcelain, and make quite a racket. Brilliant.


Aside from the big game and any surprise wardrobe malfunctions, food is the main event during Super Bowl Sunday. I won’t go into menu planning here but below I have some suggestions on what to serve your vittles in. And, of course, these eco-friendly serving pieces — super green bowls, if you will — aren’t just appropriate for the Super Bowl. Adding items made from recycled and/or sustainable materials to your kitchen cabinet will score you big points no matter what the occasion.


Recycled Windshield Glass Multi-Purpose Bowl @ Uncommon Goods ($48)

This bad boy is a true super bowl — it’s handmade in Colombia from reclaimed vehicle glass. Although its shape isn’t very chip n’ dip friendly, it could serve as a punch bowl or as a serving dish for crudités.



Vinyl Record Snack Tray @ Modern Artisans ($24.99)

These trays — a take on the recycled record bowls made famous by designer Jeff Davis — are made in the US from reclaimed vinyl LPs. They’re ideal for holding nuts, chips, fruits, or dry snacks. Choose from two genres, “Rock Essentials” or “Crooners."



Recycled Paper Bowls @ Target (2 for $39)

Unfortunately, these lookers crafted from old magazines aren’t food safe. But why not have guests deposit their car keys in ‘em or incorporate them into a Super Bowl party game during quarter breaks? Or strategically place them near the TV to generate compliments.



Alentejo Cork Bowls @ Branch ($68 — $148)

Have a gabby guest at your party? Tell ‘em to put a cork in it. These bowls, available in two sizes, are made from recycled Portuguese cork. The small bowls are made in Brooklyn and the large ones are made in Portugal.



Recycled Confetti Melamine Serving Pieces @ Unica Home ($17.50 — $35.00)

These unique serving pieces — choose from a round serving platter, large serving bowl, or set of four bowls — made from recycled melamine boast double D’s: they’re durable and dishwasher-safe. Available in red or black.  


Biodegradable Bagasse Bowls @ ($6.57 — $87.29)

If you're throwing a post-Super Bowl composting party, check out these 12 ounce biodegradable bowls made from bagasse, a waste product from sugar cane production. The bowls are available by both the pack and by the case. 


Flair Bamboo Bowls @ Crate & Barrel ($9.95 — $39.95)

Available in two sizes, these sturdy (ideal for sloppy SB gatherings) bowls made from renewable bamboo are great for a side of honey-roasted peanuts or a big ole’ heap of German potato salad.


Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Super green bowls
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