With Super Bowl 45 just around the corner, many households are beginning to stock up on chips, dips, microwaveable delights, and enough wing sauce to gag a horse. Or a lumberjack. But what to serve this fine feast of finger foods (and their accompanying sauces) in? Well, no Super Bowl party is complete without a few super green bowls. 

As you sit down to snack your face off and marvel at a bunch of commercials that cost more to air than most of us make in a lifetime — the Green Bay Steelers and the Pittsburgh Packers Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers are also playing football, apparently — on Sunday, make sure you have a few good serving bowls at the ready. All seven of the bowls featured below are made from eco-friendly materials and are meant to be reused over and over again except for the fourth item. With these, you can throw a post-Pro Bowl composting party.

For even more party-centric bowl options, check out my Super green bowl posts from 2009 and 2010. And while we're on the topic of parties and messy food I'll leave you with this: a few nontoxic household stain remedies

Bamboo Bowls @ West Elm ($5 - $29) 

Mango Wood Bowl (small) @ Our Workshop (£13)

Casa Recycled Glass Serving Bowls @ Pottery Barn($39)

Wasara biodegradable bowls @ Branch ($6/12, $62/50) 

Core Bamboo Chip & Dip Set @ Amazon.com ($30.50/each)

Confetti Bowl 5.5" @ The Conran Shop ($6)

Fire & Light 11" Recycled Glass Serving Bowl @ Eden Home ($58)

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Super green bowls 2011
Jalepeno poppers. Check. Vegetarian chili. Check. Enough wings to feed the Hungarian armed forces. What's missing? A few eco-friendly bowls to serve your Super