With Super Bowl 46 on the horizon, many us are beginning to stock up on chips, dips, and enough wing sauce to gag a horse in anticipation of the big event. But what to serve this fine feast of game day indulgences (and their accompanying sauces) in? Well, no Super Bowl party is complete without a few super green bowls.


As you prepare to sit down to snack your face off, marvel at a bunch of talking animal-filled commercials that cost more to air than most of us make in a lifetime, and watch a somewhat random performance from that sinewy mass of muscles known as Madonna — the New England Giants and the New York Patriots New England Patriots and the New York Giants are also playing football in Indianapolis, apparently (my condolences to the hardcore Ravens fans in my life) — on Sunday, Feb. 5, make sure you have a few good serving bowls at the ready. And like in 2009, '10, and '11, I just happen to have seven eco-friendly/handmade recommendations worth checking out before kick-off.


 Sardine Bowls @ VivaTerra  ($98 - set of 5)

Vintage Wood Chip & Dip Bowl @ Pottery Barn ($49)













Recycled Metal Wire Bowl @ Bambeco ($72)















Salsa Bowl Trio @ UncommonGoods ($48)















Cork Bowl - Large @ Branch ($68)
















Recycled Glass Wine Coaster/Snack Bowl @ Terrain ($10)















Rustic Recycled Glass Bowl Trio @ Bambeco ($25)

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Super green bowls 2012
Nachos. Check. Portobello sliders. Check. Enough chili to feed the entire country of Liechtenstein. Check. What's missing? A few eco-friendly bowls to serve you