There’s a good reason why “Super Green Bowls” is my longest running once-a-year series for MNN: everybody loves football, everybody loves snacks, and everybody loves an attractive piece of serveware in which to dazzle guests (and to also cry into depending on how the game goes). Combine the three and, well, you’ve got yourself Super Bowl party gold.

With the 47th edition of America’s preeminent spectacle of capitalism pigskin playoff just around the corner, it’s time once again to round-up a few handmade, eco-friendly, and/or recycled content bowls appropriate for serving up a feast of your favorite traditional finger- and football-friendly fare along with regional delicacies that honor this year’s AFC and NFC champions. Crab dip and, umm, Rice A Roni, anyone? (Sorry, but San Francisco’s real treat, Cioppino, seems too messy, too involved). 

So whether you and your guests plan on screaming at the television in support of the Baltimore Ravens or the San Francisco 49ers or are really just gathering to get drunk, marvel at the mega-expensive commercials, and critique the halftime show performance by noted archivist and earpiece-eschewer, Beyoncé, along with a reunited Destiny’s Child (please, for the love of God, let them do “Bills, Bills, Bills”), it’s best to have a few super green bowls at the ready. And on the topic of commercials, I should point out that after killing faking it at the Presidential Inauguration, Queen Beyoncé is handing off “National Anthem” duties at Super Bowl 47 to Citibank-approved diva Alicia Keys. 

Also, I’d be remiss in not suggesting a few nontoxic stain solutions and cleaning tools to help remedy any unsightly Super Bowl party fouls. You know … Natty Boh splashed on the sofa, wing sauce dripped onto the carpet, bloodstains on the walls after your co-worker and next-door neighbor decided to head-butt each other in the third quarter. 

May the best Harbaugh win!

Bambu Lacquerware Bowl Kit @ Branch ($49)

Salsa Bowls - Set of 3 @ Region General Store ($23.99)

Pea Pod Serving Tray @ VivaTerra ($32)

Demijon Glass Bowl @ Hipcycle ($89)

CaliBowl Nested Non-Spill Low Profile Bowls w/ Non-Slip Bases @ ($21.99 - set of 3)

Revolving Adjustable Chip and Dip @ Core Bamboo ($90)

Large Recycled Eclipse Bowl @ Bambeco ($34)

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Super Green Bowls 2013
Guac. Check. Veggie chili. Check. What's missing? A few eco-friendly bowls to serve your Super Bowl party grub in, of course.