Although there were plenty of talented designers in attendance at last week’s Architectural Digest Home Design Show, I’m guessing that only one of them, Debbie Wiener, can boast that her work combines “the common sense of a Jewish mother with the muscle of a professional wrestler.”

Wiener, the Maryland-based author, “advocate for the cleaning-impaired and the decorating challenged,” and sought-after “designer to the slobs,” brings her “Ida Morgenstern meets WWE’s Friday Night Smack Down” aesthetic to a new seating line that’s cheery and good-looking but also highly resistant to the messes left behind by pets, kids and straight-up slobs. Naturally, it’s called Slobproof!

Weiner’s gently priced, family friendly Slobproof! line — a sofa, sectional, chaise, comfy-looking chairs, and more — is dubbed "furniture for real life" and features Crypton, a patented fabric system that may sound sinister but performs a wonderful deed: it has an integrated moisture barrier that’s resistant to the handiwork of anyone with sloppy, slobby, slovenly or sloshy tendencies. Stains, spills and mysterious smells basically bounce off Crypton fabrics.

I think Wiener should be considered for sainthood. I mean seriously, consider all of the mothers, pet owners, and spouses of slobs who dream of buying nice-looking upholstered furniture but resist because they live in fear of it being destroyed. And think of all that money spent on Scotchgard, a product with an environmentally harmful history. It’s easy to appreciate Wiener’s work, even if you don’t have personal experience with overbearing Jewish mothers or um, wrestlers.

So how is the Slobproof! with Crypton collection eco-friendly? The biggie is that the collection is designed and built to last, impervious to damage that may shorten its lifespan and send it to the landfill prematurely. Plus, it's produced domestically in an eco-friendly manufacturing process with soy-based, not polyurethane-based, cushioning. Most, but not all of the Crypton fabric used in the Slobproof! line is Cradle-to-Cradle certified Crypton Green. All of the fabrics emit low levels of VOCs and are formaldehyde-free.

Watch Wiener in action at the AD Home Design show in the video below and be sure to check out the Slobproof! website to read more about the collection. I like the suitable-for-families but un-dowdy fabric choices, the unfussy furniture design itself (although I think that the James Chair, pictured above, could do without wheels) and, of course, the slob-tolerant nature of it all. What do you think?

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Sustainable seats for slobs
Debbie Wiener, author and 'designer to the slobs' releases a line of eco-friendly upholstered furnishings that meld homey style with slob-appeal.