For those who couldn't be bothered to listen up when a certain sanctimonious pop star sermonized about the importance of water conservation during California's never ending drought, the Save Our Water campaign is back with a new series of public service announcements that employ absurdist humor to get the point across. Produced in partnership with the Natural Resources Defense Council and the California Water Foundation, the aim of the chuckle-worthy PSAs is to get Californian's to reduce their personal water footprints by 20 percent. And if there's one comedic duo that get folks to do so — while also having a good laugh in the process — it's Conan O' Brien and Andy Richter.

O' Brien and Richter's PSA series consists of six short clips, each dispensing simple-yet-effective home water conservation tips with a distinctly Team Coco-esque twist:

Making sure that your commode is in good (read: leak-free) working order:

Covering your backyard swimming hole to prevent evaporation:

Opting for drought-resistant, native plantings instead of water-intensive turf grass:

Using your dishwasher (if you've got one) in lieu of washing dishes by hand:

Treating your dirt-caked car to a commercial car wash instead of washing it in the driveway:

And last but not least, keeping it filthy:

Of course, it's an incredibly smart idea to put the above tips into practice even if you live outside of California. Are there any other water-saving pointers that you would have like to seen Team Coco tackle?

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Team Coco dispense home water saving tips in goofy new PSAs
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