A very happy World Toilet Day to you and yours!
In addition to marveling at these most 10 most notable commodes from around the globe and paying homage to your own porcelain throne in whatever way you see fit (but try to do without the flushable wipes), please do head on over to the World Toilet Day — now in it's 12th year! — homepage for more toilet tidbits and to learn how you can help bring access to safe, clean means of sanitation to communities without it. The aim of the UN General Assembly-designated day in a nutshell:
World Toilet Day is not just about toilet humor, or an attempt to make toilets sexy. World Toilet Day has a serious purpose: it aims to stimulate dialogue about sanitation and break the taboo that still surrounds this issue. In addition, it supports advocacy that highlights the profound impact of the sanitation crisis in a rigorous manner, and seeks to bring to the forefront the health and emotional consequences, as well as the economic impact of inadequate sanitation.
World Toilet Days’ vision is to grow as a collective campaign uniting on 19 November everybody who is passionate about toilets to ensure that access to proper sanitation, which has been declared a human right, becomes a reality for all.
Happy number one and two-ing! And now on to some very special johns ... 

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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