As mentioned in my user's guide to fall cleaning projects, autumn is the ideal time for hardcore closet purging. And while I recommended donating sartorial castaways to local charity stores/clothing drives or incorporating them into craft projects, there's one other notable way to keep your unwanted threads, specifically jeans, clear of landfills: recycle them into household insulation with the help of the Gap.

From Oct. 6 to Oct. 20, Gap stores will graciously take cast-off denim off of your hands and recycle it into UltraTouch Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation as part of the Recycle Your Blues event. The insulation will then be incorporated into building projects that aim to keep families in need warm (and keep energy bills low) throughout the winter. And like the Gap's similar Cotton: From Blue To Green campaign from last spring, denim discarders will be rewarded with 30 percent off a pair of new Gap 1969 jeans (add an extra 10 percent if you become a fan of the Gap on Facebook).

So get purging, folks. And remember that any jeans that you donate to the Gap doesn't need to have been originally purchased there. Any brand will do just fine.

Via [TreeHugger]

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The Gap helps you put old blue jeans to good green use
Embarking on a fall closet cleaning session? If you end up with unwanted denim on your hands, donate it to the Gap where it will be recycled into natural insula