A very happy Monday, MNN readers, and welcome to the second installment of "the garden party," a special new product-centric weekly series geared toward all of you al fresco entertainers, patio partiers and backyard BBQ'ers out there. The emphasis, as you may have gathered, is on outdoor entertaining paraphernalia that boast one or more of the following eco-friendly attributes: a. handmade b. made from sustainable or recycled materials c. domestically manufactured or d. durable/made-to-last so in that they’ll be used not just this summer but for many more summers to come.


Now that you have a drink in your hand and the Fourth of July on your brain, I'm zeroing in on grill gear that will come in most handy during both raging vegan BBQs and intimate, meat-heavy meals. Although I'm not including the grills themselves (I have, however, included a couple of portable, small space-friendly options for your consideration), below you'll find a host of backyard barbecue odds and ends ranging from recycled stainless steel grill tools to hot mitts handmade from scrap fabric. And while I'm not going to get into the whole propane/gas vs. electric vs. charcoal debate — in a nutshell, charcoal is the least eco-friendly but also the most tasty option  I will tell you this: avoid lighter fluid, be careful with those wire grill brushes, and always practice responsible grilling. And don't forget to save room for seconds.


Double Cheeseburger Diagram Tea Towels by Girlscantell @ Supermarket ($24/set of 2)












Kabob BBQ Baskets @ Terrain ($28)
















Napkin Tie @ UncommonGoods ($14.99)
















Hot Pot BBQ @ black + blum ($124)
















Char Broil Chimney Charcoal Starter @ Aubuchon Hardware ($13.99)















Bamboo Skewers @ Sur La Table ($2.95/pack of 50)















Outset Verde 6 Piece Bamboo Grilling Set @ Olive & Myrtle ($35.97)















EcoQue Portable Eco Grills @ A+R Store ($125 - $168)















Recycled BBQ Mitt @ UncommonGoods ($9.99)















Fuego Element Portable Gas Grill @ Amazon.com ($149.99)















Wine Barrel Staves Bundle @ Williams-Sonoma ($11.96)
















Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

The garden party: Grill gear
Plan on saluting America next week by firing up the backyard barbecue with a few of your closest carnivores (or pescatarians)? Before you do, outfit your grill