Welcome to second installment of “The green crib,” a new series of posts where I focus on a single room in the home where an adult’s good green influence — and decorating sense — will ideally rub off on said room’s primary inhabitant: a little one.


After last week's installment on mobiles, here's a look at earth-safe cleaners and detergents formulated to erase the sometimes colossal messes produced by the highchair and diaper set. So how are natural "baby" cleaning products and detergents different from other natural cleaning products? Like natural cleaners targeted for areas like kitchens and bathrooms, eco-friendly nursery cleaners swap out toxic, petroleum-based ingredients — triclosan is a biggie here — for safe and effective plant-based ingredients but are decidedly more gentle than the "big kid" versions.


Below are six natural cleaners and laundry detergents marketed to parents who use nontoxic cleaners around the home and want to continue that tradition in the nursery. Whipping up homemade cleaning solutions with ingredients like baking sodavinegar, and lemon juice is also a great, nursery-safe option, but sometimes harried moms and dads would just rather reach for a pre-made solution in a bottle, tackle the mess, and call it a night. 


Better Life 2 AM Miracle Green Nursery Cleaner @ Drugstore.com ($6.99) 















Fields Organics Toy Cleaner @ Oompa ($11.99)















Babyganics The Grime Fighter All Purpose Cleaner @ Babyganics ($6.99)















Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Baby Blossom Laundry Detergent @ Mrs. Meyer's ($14.99)














Dapple Toy and Surface Cleaner @ Bed Bath & Beyond ($5.99)









Seventh Generation Baby Liquid Laundry 2X UltraConcentrate @ Drugstore.com ($8.49)


















Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

The green crib: Cleaners and detergents
Tidy up Junior's messes both big and small with natural surface cleaners and laundry detergents geared specifically towards the spill-prone highchair and diape