Welcome to the fifth installment of “The green crib,” a series of posts where I focus on a single room in the home where an adult’s good green influence — and decorating sense — will ideally rub off on said room’s primary inhabitant: a little one.


To date, I've featured eye-catching, eco-friendly mobiles, earth- and baby-safe nursery cleaners, organic cotton quilts and blankets for baby, and not-too-cloying handmade nursery wall art.


Today, with the season of things that go bump in the night upon us, I'm turning my attention to low-impact lamps and night lights that are ideal for nurseries and kids' rooms. Some run on long-lasting, energy-efficient bulbs like LEDs and CFLS while some are made from eco-friendly materials. Some are both energy-efficient and made from eco-friendly materials. All add a fun, decorative touch to a room while serving a most important function: keeping the boogieman at a distance (and keeping parents from bumping into things in the middle of the night). 


Suck UK Bookrest Lamp @ Emmo Home ($80)













OXO To the Moon Night Light @ The Land of Nod ($24.95) 















Suck UK Teddy Bear Lamp @ 2Shopper ($180)















TwistTogether Lamp (Candy) @ Design Public ($104) 















Jellio GummiLights @ Jellio ($25)
















Offi MyPetLamp - Dachshund @ Pure Design Kids ($69)















Mushroom Light Night (small) @ Acorn ($65)















Brave Space Design Light Block @ fawn&forest ($350)















KinderGlo Owl Portable Night Light @ Amazon.com ($22.95)















Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

The green crib: Lamps and night lights
Keep both the boogieman and the high energy bill monster at bay with kid-appropriate lamps and night lights that use energy-efficient bulbs and/or are made from