Welcome to the sixth installment of “The green crib,” a series of posts where I focus on a single room in the home where an adult’s good green influence — and decorating sense — will ideally rub off on said room’s primary inhabitant: a little one.


So far, I've wrangled up eye-catching, eco-friendly mobiles, earth- and baby-safe nursery cleaners, organic cotton quilts and blankets for baby, not-too-cloying handmade nursery wall art, and low-energy, long-lasting lamps and night lights


Today’s focus is on the other most important piece of nursery furniture aside from the crib itself: the humble rocking chair. In terms of environmental impact, you really can’t beat a gently used, old-school rocker that’s been passed down generation to generation (or snagged from an antique store) but for parents wanting to go the modern route, I’ve rounded up 10 notable new-school rockers made from sustainable materials that are geared for both tots and their 'rents alike. 


Eames Molded Rocker for Herman Miller @ Room & Board ($479)

















Spot on Square Hiya Rocker @ Design Public ($175)















notNeutral BB2 Blonde Rocker @ notNeutral ($80)















ducduc Collins Rocker @ Mini Jake ($1,495)
















Roebuck Studio Trillium Rocker @ fawn&forest ($200)















Gus*Modern GT ROcker @ 2Modern($1,150 - $1,229.95)















Nurseryworks Sleepytime Rocker @ Posh Baby ($900)















Netto Collection Polar Bear Rocker @ Design Public ($295)















Monte Alto Rocker @ Mini Jake ($795)















Iglooplay Mod Rocker @ 2Modern ($285 - $385)
















Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

The green crib: Rockers
Lull a fussy baby to sleep -- or let bigger, fussier tykes calm themselves -- in a modern rocking chair made from eco-friendly materials.