Welcome to week ten of “The green crib,” a series of posts where I focus on a single room in the home where an adult’s good green influence — and decorating sense — will ideally rub off on said room’s primary inhabitant: a little one.


So far in the series, I've featured eye-catching mobiles, earth-safe nursery cleaners, organic cotton quilts and blankets, not-too-cloying handmade wall art, low-energy lamps and night lights,  nursery odds and ends, and eco-trendy spins on two ubiquitous pieces of nursery furniture, the rocking chair and the changing table. Last week's post, on the topic of earth-friendly building blocks, was dedicated to all the aspiring eco-architects out there. After all, folks like Michelle Kaufmann had to get their start somewhere, right? 


As we enter the "snuggle season," I figured it would be only fitting to focus on another nursery and kids room must-have: stuffed animals. Although as you can see from the menagerie below, plush critters come in pretty much every shape, size, and color (and species) imaginable. Yet for the most part, stuffed animals are made from polyester, a non-renewable resource, and manufactured in Chinese factories. But they don't necessarily always have to be ...


Below are 10 stuffed animals — from owls to frogs to hedgehogs to standard teddy bears — boasting various eco-attributes. Some are made from organic cotton or other natural materials; some are handcrafted by fairly paid artisans; the sale of one even helps to feed malnourished children. They're all kid-safe, toxin-free, and extremely cuddle-worthy. 


Owl Stuffed Animal @ Dwell Studio ($36)















Dog Foundling @ Branch ($32)
















Organic Milou Bunny by Lana Organic @ Oompa ($55.99)















Hedgehog by I Golfini Della Nonna @ Acorn ($68)















Fauna Pico Pillow - Fox @ Areaware ($24)















Mavis the Monkey by Bholu @ Velocity Art & Design ($58)















Eco-Plush Lion by miYim (Jane Goodall Wild Animal Collection) @ GreenoBambino ($25)














Segner Cuddly Polar Bear - Large @ Branch ($84)















Cate & Levi Frog Stuffed Animal @ Cate & Levi ($82)















FEED 5 Bear @ FEED Projects  ($60)
















Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

The green crib: Stuffed animals
Synthetic, made-in-China teddy bears? Who needs 'em when there are reclaimed wool frogs, organic cotton polar bears and plush nontoxic lions just wanting for a