Now that spring is almost upon us and the uber-commercialized religious observance/decorating holiday otherwise known as Easter is just a couple of weeks away, many of you may be scrambling to embellish your home with questionable pastel colors, ornamental baskets, cute baby animal trinkets, fresh-cut flowers and sacrificial chocolate Leporids. And if you're like me, you may also find yourself breaking out your stash of contraband Kinder Surprise eggs, scarfing jellybeans, and rewatching "Night of the Lepus." Because that's how I roll

Delicious imported choking hazards and campy killer bunny movies aside, I thought I’d share a handful of standout, handmade and/or eco-friendly home décor items of the non-plastic grass variety. Because, really, asides from brunching, dyeing oval embryonic vessels, and subjecting your children to the unholy terror that is shopping mall employees wearing bunny costumes, nothing says moveable feast like seasonal decor.

And while we're on the subject of resurrection, it's also worth mentioning that Easter is also a prime time to dig out the craft supply box from storage and create your own DIY Easter decorations. Feel free to tell me about your favorite DIY Easter/springtime decorating projects (and no, egg-dying doesn't count) in the comments section! 

Bird's Nest Wreath @ Terrain ($48)

Porcelain Egg Soy Candles with Porcelain Bunny - Spring Time Limited Edition by Revisions Design Studio @ Supermarket ($16/set of 2)

Spring Mug by Perch! @ Supermarket ($16)

Easter Bunny & Eggs Terrarium by The Green Rooster @ Etsy ($65)

Bunny Rabbit Chenile Ornaments by Old World Primitives @ Etsy ($12/set of 3)

Large Rabbit Cushion by Ross Menuez @ Areaware ($104)

Organic Bunny Block Print Tea Towel by ArtGoodies @ Abe's Market ($18)

Bunny Egg Cozy @ Branch ($22)

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

The house bunny: Easter '13 edition
It's time to break out the contraband Kinder eggs and get decorating with these handmade and eco-friendly Easter/springtime decor picks.