With the high season of backyard lazing, lounging, and laxin’ (and camping) upon us, some of you may be on the prowl for a reliable hammock for idling away in with a good book and an oversized adult beverage.

While I’ve made a few backyard- and porch-ready hammock suggestions in the past, relatively fresh on the scene is the Roo, a sling-in-a-pouch made from lightweight LunarWave fabric conceived by Dallas-based startup Kammok.

While specifically designed as a camping hammock for excursions into the wild — weighing less than a pound, it’s certainly easier to carry in and out of the woods than a Tentsile — I don't see why the Roo couldn't also be used for roughing it in your backyard. When paired with a pair of versatile Python Straps, the breathable — the fabric keeps you warm on chilly nights and cool during sweltering daytime siestas — and tear-resistant Roo can be easily suspended from a tree, rock, post, or other anchor able to accommodate up to 500 pounds. And although it's billed as being “built for the “individual adventurer," I think you could easily fit a small-limbed cuddle buddy up in there, too. The whole kit-and-kaboodle tucks away into a water-resistant, roll-top compression sack — the size of an “angry blowfish,” apparently — that can attach to a backpack, etc., for easy hauling.

So aside from the pouch, what’s the deal with the kangaroo theme? Explains the Kammok website:

Not only do kangaroos set the example of how to live as a community, but they are, and always have been, environmentally conscious. With their large footprint and strong backlegs they move in the most energy-efficient way over long distances. They eat only vegetation, but unlike many other herbivores, they do not produce methane.
So why the kangaroo? Because they help to illustrate what we want to be: People that come together. People that look out for one another, especially the defenseless. And finally people who at the same time take care of the world we live in.

And on the topic of looking out for the defenseless and taking care of the world we live in, through a partnership with Malaria No More, Kammok donates a treated mosquito net or provides health education to an in-need African family for every Roo camping hammock purchased. Additionally, 1 percent of Kammok’s revenue is donated to help support sustainability initiatives of Kenya’s Comfort the Children international.

The Roo camping hammock and other Kammok gear, including the webbing straps, is available directly through the company’s online store. The Roo will set you back $99 (shipping is free) and is available in several different color combinations. It’s also worth checking out Kammok’s online community, The MOB (Moving Others Beyond), where you can stay in the loop with Kammok-related social media, watch videos, post pictures, keep abreast of upcoming Kammok events, and much more.

Great stuff. Now, anyone have a backyard I can borrow?

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Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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