I have a confession to make. I’ve been hoarding quarters again.

Last summer at around this time, I was hauling large bags of wet laundry and an umbrella drying rack up to my Brooklyn rooftop and forgoing the clothes dryers at my local laundromat as part of Seventh Generation’s 7 Day Laundry Challenge. It was tough but I managed ... not just for seven days but on and off for nearly the entire summer. And although the energy savings of outdoor line drying didn’t directly impact me — the average household can knock up to $25 per month off ye olde electric bill by line drying instead of using a clothes dryer — saving a few bucks in quarters every other week and enjoying some quality time on my roof instead of the sweltering laundromat was certainly appreciated.

This summer, I’ve been slacking and my umbrella rack and clothespins remain neglected and hidden from view, shoved behind a media console in my living room. It’s certainly been hot enough outside, but I’ve found myself pressed for time and admittedly lazy … climbing up and down the steep ladder to my roof isn’t always easy. Still, I’m determined to give it a go before the summer’s over and to help motivate, I’ve been checking out outdoor line drying supplies. Not that I need new gear, but it’s always fun to look and see what’s out there in case I did.

Below you’ll find a dozen pieces of standout outdoor line drying gear, appropriate for both urbanites and suburbanites, newbies and seasoned line-dryers alike. Is there a piece of line-drying equipment that you rely on load after load? What system works best for you?

Sparrow Clips @ Pop Deluxe ($14.99/set of 16)

Retractable Clothesline @ Gaiam ($20)

Greenway Deluxe Bamboo Foldaway Clothesline @ Target ($94.99)

Salvaged Tarp Laundry Hamper @ Restoration Hardware ($69 - $79)

Clothesline Kit: Rainbow Damask Clothespins and Hanging Wire @ ThePaperedCrown's Etsy Shop ($14)

Seletti Underwear Dryer @ The Conran Shop ($24)

Umbra Dual-Pattern Round Crunch Cans @ The Container Store ($19.99)

Wooden Clothes Drying Rack @ The Green Depot ($29.95)

The Laundress Clothespins @ The Laundress ($15)

Square Wire Basket @ Crate & Barrel ($24.95) 

Leifheit 83040 Rollfix Mounted Retractable Clothes Dryer @ Amazon.com ($19.17)


Bamboo Clothespins @ The Container Store ($5/pack of 36)

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

The line-dryers dozen: 12 outdoor clothes drying supplies
Given that in many parts of the country it's as hot outside as it is inside your clothes dryer, try knocking a few bucks off your electric bill by investing in