Happy Monday and welcome to the inaugural installment of "The low-impact loo," a special new series of product-centric posts dedicated to a part of the home that's hard to ignore when both nature and Mother Nature call: the bathroom. We spend a good amount of time in the bathroom — most of us start and end our days in there — and it's an easy place to lower your environmental impact in numerous ways without sacrificing an ounce of style or comfort. After all, who wants to brush their teeth each morning in a soulless room that resembling a latrine at a Greyhound bus station? Certainly not this guy.


Despite the relatively small square footage of most bathrooms (unless your name is Candy Spelling), there are more than a couple of specific items in the average WC that can be greened — the bathroom serves as a great primer for whole house greening projects, particularly when it comes to water conservation and the removal of toxins. Over the coming weeks, I'll be taking a look at many of them, ranging from cleaning products to showerheads and fixtures to the contents of your medicine cabinet. 


To kick things off, I'm tackling two bathroom staples of the highest importance: towels and bath mats. If you've ever wanted to buy a product made from organic cotton instead of the fabric of our lives' pesticide-heavy, chemical-intensive conventional counterpart but haven't before, bath towels and mats are an excellent place to start. Think about it: why would you fill a room that's all about clean with things made from "the world's dirtiest crop?" Organic cotton and natural fiber bath linens aren't too hard to find these days. Below are a few standouts worth considering. 


Coyuchi Air Weight Bath Towels @ Coyuchi ($7 - $63)












Sumi Charcoal Towels @ VivaTerra ($9 - $45)














Organic Woodgrain Towel @ West Elm ($6 - $19)















Vetiver Bath Mat @ Gaiam ($49)
















Textured Organic Bath Rug @ Pottery Barn ($29 - $44)















Green Earth Quick-Dry Towels @ The Company Store ($16 - $38)















Loop Organic Mountain Ridge Towels @ House&Hold ($10 - $52)















Greenway Cotton Wash Towel @ Waterworks ($16)















Amy Butler Organic Cotton Blend Bath Towels @ Bed Bath & Beyond ($7.99 - $16.99)


Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

The low-impact loo: Linens
After your conservatively timed shower or bubble bath, try drying off with a plush towel made from cotton that hasn't been heavily treated with pesticides and o