Happy Monday and welcome to the fifth installment of "The low-impact loo," a special series of product-centric posts dedicated to a part of the home that's hard to ignore when both nature and Mother Nature call: the bathroom. We spend a good amount of time in the bathroom — most of us start and end our days in there — and it's an easy place to lower your environmental impact in numerous ways without sacrificing an ounce of style or comfort. 


Thus far in the series, I've tackled several green bathroom biggies — water-saving shower heads, PVC-free shower curtains, organic cotton linens, and eco-friendly cleaning products — and today's post on natural/green/cruelty-free alternatives to standard medicine cabinet must-haves is no less important. You know what kind of stuff I'm talking about (and no, not that $80 eye cream): over-the-counter painkillers, bandages, dental stuff, zit cream, remedies for minor aches, pains, injuries, ailments, and what have you. Although you may not use all of these things on a daily basis, having them on hand for when the need arises is always a good idea.


Below are several products that currently live in or around my very own jam-packed medicine cabinet (plus a few that I'm considering adding). What natural remedies, lotions, and potions reside in your bathroom? 


Preserve Toothbrush Subscription @ Preserve ($13/one year)















Help ... I Have a Headache @ Soap.com ($4.35/16 acetaminophen capsules) 















Burt's Bees Res-Q Ointment @ Burt's Bees ($6)















Tom's of Maine Naturally Waxed Anti-Plaque Round Floss @ Drugstore.com ($3.29)














Thayers Alcohol-Free Cucumber Witch Hazel with Organic Aloe Vera @ Thayers ($9.95)














Weleda Citrus Deodorant @ Vitacost.com ($7.93)















Desert Essence Organic Tea Tree Oil @ Desert Essence ($9.49/15 ml)















Nelsons Pure and Clear Acne Treatment Gel @ C.O. Bigelow ($6.95)















Help ... I've Cut Myself @ Soap.com ($4.45/12 bandages)















J.R. Watkins Menthol Camphor Medicated Cough Suppressant Rub @ Drugstore.com ($7.49)














Bach Rescue Remedy @ C.O. Bigelow ($15.95/20 ml)




Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

The low-impact loo: Medicine cabinet must-haves
Embarking on a seasonal medicine cabinet overhaul? Whether you're after dental floss or painkillers, consider these green/natural alternatives to medicine cabin