Happy Monday (and a happy Halloween!) and welcome to the seventh and final installment of "The low-impact loo," a special series of product-centric posts that have been dedicated to a part of the home that's hard to ignore when both nature and Mother Nature call: the bathroom. We spend a good amount of time in the bathroom — most of us start and end our days in there — and it's an easy place to lower your environmental impact in numerous ways without sacrificing an ounce of style or comfort. 


Save for water-efficient toilets and recycled plastic rubber duckies, I've pretty much covered every aspect of bathroom greening over the past few weeks, tackling everything from bar soaps to shower curtains to cleaning products (scroll to the bottom of the page for a complete list of posts). Today's post spotlights a dozen commode-centric odds and ends that didn't fit snugley into any of those posts.


Have there been any eco-friendly bathroom must-haves that I left out? Tell me about them in the comments section! 


Whole Bath Boost Box @ Boost Home ($59.99)












Teak Shelf & Towel Holder @ VivaTerra ($98)














Curved Wastebin + Hamper @ West Elm ($29 - $99)















Coyuchi Terry Velour Bathrobe @ Branch ($120)















Hand-Forged Recycled Steel Bath Accessories @ Gaiam ($36 - $235)















Cylindrical Bamboo Container @ The Conran Shop ($18)















simplehuman Flip & Fit Bamboo Shower Caddy @ The Container Store ($34.30)














Gondola Bathrub Caddy @ Umbra ($29.99)















Brondell Simple Flush Dual-Flush Tiolet Retrofit Kit @ Amazon.com ($43.97)















Scrubby Wash Mitt @ Branch ($6)
















IDEA International Cub Timer @ A+R Store ($34)















Seventh Generation 100% Recycled 2-ply Bath Tissue @ Soap.com ($10.29/ 12 count)














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The low-impact loo: Odd and ends
Whether you're considering a bamboo shower caddy or a 12-pack of recycled content toilet paper, help give your W.C. an eco-makeover with this final installment