Sure, we’ve seen similar smart LED bulb concepts from the likes of Insteon and Google before, but watch out … a WiFi-enabled bulb from Down Under named the LIFX has, to date, raised $1,120,418 in Kickstarter fund-age and the campaign still has 55 days left until it wraps up (the initial fundraising goal was $100,000). Impressive.

So what exactly set this Android- and iPhone-controlled light bulb with a 25-year/40,000-hour lifespan and multi-color capabilities on crowdfunding fire? I’m guessing the fact that it’s been tagged by its creators as the “smartest light bulb you’ve ever experienced” has something to do with it. Plus, the inclusion of “robot dance like it’s 1999” as one of the bulb’s many features. Hell, I’m sold.

Available in Edison-style, bayonet cap, or downlight styles, what strikes me most about the LIFX smart LED is the ease of installation. Simply screw the bulb into a fixture, download the free LIFX app to your smart phone, and you’re good to go … you’ll be remotely adjusting the bulb’s brightness, setting up an automatic on/off schedule, changing the color of the bulb to match your mood (hello, sexy boudoir lights) or décor, saving money and energy, and robot dancing in no time. Plus, there’s a nifty music visualization feature and a great-for-fussy-kids option that slowly dims the bulb in the evening.
The LIFX is the brainchild of Phil Bosua, a 38-year-old Melbourne entrepreneur. Apparently, he was quite taken aback when his light bulb-reinventing “weekend project” did some serious damage on Kickstarter in a seriously short amount of time. During the first two days of fundraising, Bosua and his team of co-founders raised more than $600,000 — $500,000 more than their goal. “Wow. That was my first reaction,” Bosua tells his hometown newspaper, The Age. “I'm glad that this project resonated with people as much as it resonated with me.” 
Bousa lays out his vision on the LIFX Kickstarter page:
LIFX answers a need that is well and truly overdue. Everyone in the world needs light bulbs. Existing light bulbs are based on an archaic technology that threatens our environment. Light bulbs consume approximately 20% of electricity in homes around the world. They need to be more efficient, smarter and last longer. In the twenty-first century, people need lighting that matches the ‘smart culture’ and eco aware sensibilities of our day.
Since this is Kickstarter and all, donating to the already fully funded campaign will still guarantee you a LIFX bulb (or two or four or 10 depending on your donation level) when they’re released (Bousa and his team have partnered with a manufacturer to bring the prototype bulb to market). The cost for one bulb is $69, although you can get some nice discounts when you buy ‘em in multiples. Shipping to the U.S., Canada, and within Australia is included in the price. 
Lots more info — and the chance to buy this crowdfunded miracle LED —over at Kickstarter

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

The miracle of light: LIFX smart bulb takes Kickstarter by storm
Described as the 'smartest light bulb you've ever experienced,' the LIFX — a WiFi-enabled LED with plenty of nifty features —raises more than $600,000 in i