MNN family blogger Jenn Savedge recently shared her thoughts on the cat-potty-training book, Kick Litter: The Nine-Step Program for Recovering Litter Addicts. I’ve seen kitty toilet training videos in the past — ones like this doozy aren’t too hard to find on Youtube — and for me, the sight of a kitty squatting over a commode is just too bizarre (however LOL-worthy) to take seriously despite the eco-benefits of going litter-free.

My suggestion: Don’t let Fluffy hog the bathroom; keep the box and the litter, just make the latter is an earth-friendly variety…. there are plenty out there.

But what about that dreaded “poop box”? Personally, there’s one thing that’s held me back from getting a feline companion (well, also the allergies and the fact that I like dogs better) and it’s a litter box. To put it lightly, boxes are messy, ugly, and there’s nowhere convenient in the home — this is especially true for apartment dwellers — to put them.

Enter the ModKat Litter Box, a clean, aesthetically inoffensive, and low-waste alternative to basic pan and liner set-ups. It's been dubbed as a place where "modern cats do their business." The ModKat is a bit pricey — it's available for pre-order at $180 and will be shipping later in the summer — but in combination with a good eco-friendly litter, it's well worth-it. But hey, if you want to share your toilet with Tammy the tabby, then go for it ... just don’t show me the videos.

The ModKat’s design — by NY-based Fulton Street Designs — is clean and colorful (it comes in four shades: white, blue, red, and yellow) and blends well into any room … it almost resembles an ottoman or as Penelope Green notes in The New York Times: a "stylish paper shredder." The swivel, removable “rooftop entry” lid gives Mr. Peepers a bit more privacy and prevents litter from being kicked all over the place; this also eliminates the need for an external matt.

The scoop that comes with the ModKat is also pretty cool — it features an ergonomic handle and built-in brush for super easy clean up and clump scoopin’ — but the best part? The reusable, commercial-strength tarpaulin liner that comes complete with handles for easy cleaning and removal.  The liner fits snuggly right into the box and makes the need for petroleum-based, non-biodegradable disposable liners obsolete.

Personally, I love the idea of a good-looking, low-mess box with a reusable liner (no, I’m still not getting a cat). Plus, the ModKat has serious design cred: it debuted at this year's ICFF and won the best accessory prize. How many folks can say that their kitty litter box won rave reviews at the granddaddy of all home design shows? Not many. But would you shell out $200 for one?  

Photos: ModKat

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

The pick of the litter box
Complete with "rooftop access" and a reusable tarpaulin liner, the ModKat Litter Box is a stylish place for kitties to do their biz.