Last April, I explored the seedy, sustainable underbelly of bird feeders and houses and featured seven backyard seed dispensaries sure to make you stand out from the flock. Well, it's not quite April — or spring for that matter — but over the past couple of days the sweet morning songs of Brooklyn's avian population have been audible from my living room window. At long last! Also, yesterday's alarming article on windows and bird deaths has rendered me a bit bird-brained. 

To celebrate spring's imminent return and to honor our wing friends lost to windows, here are seven more bird feeders and houses sure to snazz up any backyard and keep non-computer-using tweeters happy and well-fed. They're all either constructed/finished with eco-friendly materials, handmade in the US, or, umm, feature solar-powered landing strips. Feeing crafty? Make your own

Loll Cube Birdhouse @ Loll ($68)

Available in various colors — Leaf is pictured — the Cube Birdhouse is made from 100 percent recycled HDPE just like the other items available from Loll, a supremely eco-oriented, Minnesota-based purveyor of modern outdoor furnishings. 

Born in Sweden's Window-Mounted Birdfeeder @ A+R Store ($18)

Designed by Pascal Charmolu for Born in Sweden, this perfect-for-apartments bird feeder consists of a recyclable plastic bubble attached to a nifty double-sided suction cup that mounts to your windowpane. 

Oooms Solar Birdhouse @ Charles & Marie ($120) 

Previously featured on this blog, this otherwise-ordinary birdhouse comes with a small solar panel on the roof that fires up a rechargeable battery. When night falls, the battery powers a light-up rod that serves as a beacon/perch for after-hours seed munchers. 

Atomic Birdhouses - Cubano Series @ Etsy ($29 - $49)

These chirp-friendly charmers are handcrafted in Chicago from recycled wooden cigar boxes and finished with eco-friendly Poly-Soy finish. No two are alike. 

Vladimir Jaccard Birdy Modern Bird House @ NOVA68 ($138)

This stark, super-mod birdhouse is handmade in Switzerland — a land of high avian aesthetics, apparently — from grey fiber cement, a mostly organic material, and is 100 percent recyclable. 

Home Hanging Bird Feeder @ 1000 Markets ($75)

Designed and handmade by St. Louis restauranteur turned artist Joe Papendick, the eye-catching Home Hanging Bird Feeder is a stylish, steel bi-level bird duplex that's available in several colors. Cinnamon is pictured. 

Arcamita FEED Bird Feeder @ Greenergrassdesign ($89)

This simple but stylish songbird commissary from Seattle designer Gary Cruce is easy to clean and stands up against all weather thanks to an all-natural oil finish. Made from European birch laminate. 

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

The seedy underbelly: 2010 edition
As bird songs begin to fill the almost-spring air, peruse these 7 unique birdhouses and feeders sure to attract a hungry feathered lunch crowd to your backyard.