To help celebrate Bird Week over at the New York Times (as well as the recent birthday of avian-obsessed naturalist John Audubon), I've sought out a few good birdhouses and bird feeders — most, but not all, are handmade and/or constructed from eco-friendly materials ranging from natural wool to reclaimed barn wood to recycled wine corks— that will surely attract a few chatty springtime visitors to your backyard for a nosh, a rest, or just a quick "hello." Don't like what you see? Take it up with Mike Tyson


Fore more unique avian rest stops and seed buffets, check out my "Seedy underbelly" posts from 2009 and 2010. Feeling crafty? By all means try making your own


Tin Roof Birdbarn @ Terrain ($78) 















Of Corks Tall Cork Birdhouse @ World of Good ($75.95)














Hepper Roost Birdhouse @ Hepper ($39 - pictured in green)














Jan Habraken Shovel Birdhouse @ Design Public ($190)














Pigeon Toe Ceramics Disc Bird Feeder @ Branch ($32 - $54)














Green Moss Bird House @ Terrain ($38)















 Roost Bodega Bird Houses @ Digs ($79)















Tweet Tweet Homes @ Uncommon Goods ($3.99)












Natural Felted Wool Bird Nests @ Sprout ($49 - $58)











Sylvester Bird Box by John Caswell for SUCK UK @ ICA Store ($50)









Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

The seedy underbelly: 2011 edition
Looking to attract a hungry feathered lunch crowd to your backyard? Look no further than these 10 birdhouses and bird feeders, all unique works of avian archite