I’ve seen more than a few interior décor items that incorporate recycled newspapers (baskets aplenty!) but here’s a first: 100 percent recycled newsprint wallpaper.

Newsworthy is part of the eco-minded Spring 2010 collection from NYC-based wallpaper designer, Lori Weitzner. Touted as an alternative to grasscloth, the paper is made from strips of recycled newsprint handwoven on a loom with nylon thread. As noted by the LA Times, the effect of Newsworthy is “instantly identifiable up close, but pleasantly abstract from afar.” I totally dig it.

Newsworthy is 47 inches wide and sold in 5-yard increments (a list of Weitzner Limited showrooms can be found here.) Given the source material of this wonderful wallpaper, no two rolls are alike. And, of course, it should be placed in an area of a home where it won’t be exposed to direct sunlight to prevent fading. 

Via [Los Angeles Times]

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The writing is on the wall(paper)
Eco-wallpaper designer Lori Weitzner resurrects yesterday's news for her 100 percent recycled newsprint line, 'Newsworthy.'