Last week I blogged about how Brooklyn’s freecycle-happy residents are in a tizzy over an incident where a man was slapped with a $100 fine by the NYC Department of Sanitation for partaking in one of the city’s most time-honored traditions (and no, it’s not taking off your pants and attacking random people that are waiting for a train). I’m talking about leaving old, unwanted furniture out on the street on a non-trash pickup day so that someone else, usually a random passerby, can swoop in and give it a new home.
Just as those who leave furniture outside of their homes can be fined, so can those who decide to pluck it up and save it from the landfill. And the city’s anti-freecycling stance is especially bad news for those who pick up discarded furniture in a getaway car as they can be fined $2,000 by the city. Ouch.
Still, salvaging bulky home furnishings from city streets often requires some sort of wheels which is where Treasure Wheels, a brilliant “urban dolly kit” from Israel-based Etsy seller Yael Livneh comes in handy. The $39 kit, which allows urban scavengers to “wheel those urban treasures home,” can carry up to 150 pounds and includes wheels, a pair of braces, and a cute satchel. Love it. And it makes total sense that Livneh is from Israeli, a country that's produced a whole slew of waste-conscious designers that specialize in turning trash into treasure.
In addition to appealing to resourceful, car-less freecyclers looking to make an un-clunky getaway, I think Treasure Wheels is a practical gift — perhaps paired with Steele Canvas' laundromat-ready elevated truck — for all those college grads that will be snagging diplomas in the coming weeks. Given that many of these graduates will be moving out of the dorms and shared dwellings and into their first “grown-up” apartments this summer, Livneh’s DIY dolly kit serves as an excellent alternative to a gift card to Bed Bath & Beyond or IKEA.
Son, we aren’t going to buy you furniture or give you money to furnish your first apartment but here’s a set of wheels to make things easier for when you find a chest of drawers on the street or at the thrift store.
Treasure Wheels by Yael Livneh @ Etsy ($39 - shipping: $24)
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Treasure Wheels: A must-have tool for urban scavengers
Stumbled across the discarded and up-for-grabs bureau of your dreams but have no way to get it home? Treasure Wheels, a DIY dolly kit from Israel, makes urban s