Whether you are throwing or attending a Fourth of July party (or a barbeque at some other point this summer), including some retro decor will make it ever more fun and stylish. Not only are these vintage items, from the early era of BBQ culture useful and graphic, but they will keep you from buying tacky disposable stuff just because you see it.


If you love BBQ, make it unique with a color scheme, patterns and old-school American fun like the pieces below.  

Fun and useful! This condiment set would look especially funny on top of a picnic table. Via PlatypusSymphony on Etsy. 

This vintage kitchen towel from the 1950's - with a barbeque print - would make a sweet hostess gift or a cute addition to the serving table. Via Random Retro on Etsy

A swingy, sleevless gingham dress is the perfect outfit for a retro-inspired Barbeque party! Via DearJohnVintage on Etsy

How funny is this tray, with hot dogs and hamburgers dancing over the grill and coals? Kids will love this server, and they are always handy to have when you need them. Via Bluehoneysuckle on Etsy

A tablecloth can cover less attractive outdoor furniture, or be used on the lawn for a picnic-style meal. This 60's print would work for either. Via SparkleBetty on Etsy

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Vintage Fridays: BBQ and Fourth of July decor for your party
Old school charm is the perfect way to go when celebrating the history of the USA.