Wearing vintage clothing and accessories is one of the most accessible and affordable (not to mention creative) ways to reduce the environmental impact of your wardrobe and home goods. So every week, I comb Etsy and eBay and find beautiful vintage pieces around a particular theme. (Check out last week's entry, "Brooches are so 2012: Useful and Decorative.")

I don't mind saying it: most Christmas decor is totally tacky. Too often made from plastic, meant to be tossed after a couple of seasons, it's the epitome of wastefulness. And as you can see from the collection below, there's plenty of old, great stuff, and most of it can be had for a song. 
Vintage light sets can almost be guaranteed to be more interesting and prettier than modern versions. Case in point: this wreath, made in Italy, and offered by Etsy seller kris67, has rows of red, yellow and green lights (and even comes with extras). 
This little elf looks so mischevious; his doggie friend is oversized and just funny. From Japan and dated to the 1960s by seller lillieandnora on Etsy, these two are a quirky and fun addition to holiday decor, and would be perfect for the kids' table. 
Poinsettia glasses from thisthatotherthings on Etsy would look so sweet on the holiday table, or would make a lovely hostess gift for the big neighborhood holiday party. 
This vintage Santa is ice-skating, and would make a fun addition to a Christmas table or set up on the stairs as part of a garland and decor scheme there. Via Apple6694 on Ebay

I love adding birds to my Christmas tree; peeking out from the middle of the tree, or singing from the end of a branch, bright red birds add a sweet touch on the wing. These would also look great hanging onto a branch as part of a centerpiece, or worked into a homemade wreath. These are from fushia245 on Ebay

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Vintage Fridays: Unique holiday decor
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