Remember in the not-so-distant past when pretty much all LED bulbs were prohibitively priced?

Well, here’s a glaring piece of evidence that the cost of an energy-efficient product is really becoming affordable: Walmart is now offering private-label LED bulbs starting at $8.88 for a non-dimmable 60-watt equivalent bulb.

The Great Value line of LEDs also includes a dimmable 60-watt equivalent LED ($9.88), an indoor non-dimmable 65-watt equivalent flood LED, ($14.88), and an indoor dimmable flood 65-watt equivalent ($15.88).

Great Value LED bulbs from WalmartWhile Walmart certainly isn’t the first company to break the $10 LED barrier, this is a big deal considering the sheer number of folks who turn to Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, when it come time to pick up new light bulbs, among other things. And even if Walmart shoppers ultimately opt to buy cheaper CFL bulbs, the presence of the affordable Great Value LEDs on store shelves will still carry some symbolic impact: light-emitting diodes have arrived and are an increasingly viable option.

According to a press release issued by Walmart, the Great Value LED packaging will simplify “the transition to LED for consumers by clearly outlining wattage equivalency, estimated energy cost savings and incandescent cost comparisons on the front of the package.”

And for Walmart shoppers who prefer name brand lighting options, the retailer is now also exclusively selling a dimmable 60-watt equivalent LED bulb from GE for $10.97 — a price that the company calls the lowest for a national name brand LED on the market.

I’d be curious to know more about the quality of the Great Value LEDs, given that not every budget-priced LED bulb is created equal. (I’m also already smitten with Cree’s $14 60-watt replacement bulb available at Home Depot. I've also found the LED offerings at IKEA to be pretty solid as well.)

Think you’ll give the new Great Value LED bulbs or any existing Great Value LEDs from Walmart a try?

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