If you've wandered into a craft store lately, you may have noticed aisles upon aisles dedicated to this stuff that's not quite ribbon and not quite masking tape. It's called washi tape, and it's the current king of the crafting scene. So what is washi tape and why all the fuss? Here's the lowdown on this crafter's delight and how you can use it to add a little zip to your life.

Washi tape looks and feels like masking tape, but it's made from natural fibers (usually hemp or bamboo) and unlike masking tape, it comes in a spectrum of amazing colors, patterns and styles. In fact, while you can get washi tape in a palette of colors, you can also get it in designs so intricate, they could easily double for wallpaper (and sometimes that's exactly what it's used for.)

At prices ranging around $2-$10 per roll, washi tape offers an inexpensive way to jazz up anything from office supplies to jewelry to your hallway. Here are 21 fun ways to put that washi tape to good use:

1. Design your own stationery


2. Make your own twist ties

washi tape twist ties Turn any bag of goodies into a masterpiece with these easy-to-make twist ties. (Photo: Gift Horse + Co.)

This project really could not be any easier. Yet it's a great way to give your gift-wrapped goodies some polished flair. Head to Gift Horse + Co. for detailed step-by-step directions for this project.

3. Jazz up your car

Washi tape car You'll never lose this car in the grocery store parking lot. (Photo: Hello Sandwich)

Got some extra time (and washi tape) on your hands?

4. Or jazz up your bike

Washi tape bike A cool way to bling your ride. (Photo: Hello Sandwich)

5. Redo your keyboard

6. Deck the Halls

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7. Washi your piggies

Washi tape pedicure What a seriously cute way to DIY your next super fancy pedicure. (Photo: Lebenslustiger.com)

For full instructions on how to do this, check out Lebenslustiger.com.

8. Make a fun feature for your playroom

Washi tape car track The playroom floor design ideas are endless. (Photo: Le jardin de Juliette)

The original design idea is on Le jardin de Juliette. The instructions are in Dutch, but don't let that scare you; the pics tell you everything you need to know.

9. DIY this coaster


10. Decorate a mailbox

11. Make these fun candles


12. Jazz up your cocoa butter

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13. Design your next photo shoot


14. Bling your phone case

15.Decorate your gifts

Washi tape gift tassel Turn your next gift into a masterpiece with a tag and tassel made from washi tape. (Photo: Hey There, Home)

16. Get cooking with these spoons

17. Wear your washi

18. Make your photos bling-worthy

19. No-carve your pumpkin

20. Design some fun feather earrings

Washi feather earrings These feather and paper earrings are the perfect craft for using up your leftover scraps. (Photo: I Try DIY)

Go see Mikko at I Try DIY for a great tutorial on this project.

21. Add some flair to your office supplies

Need more ideas? Search Pinterest for "washi tape," (but don't be surprised if the next several hours seem to disappear without a trace!)

21 washi tape ideas to make your life more colorful
From your bedroom to your kitchen to your office, all of your places and spaces will look better with washi tape, the Japanese craft tape.