If you’ve watched a decent number of videos documenting life in a tiny house as I have, you may have noticed how easy and effortless tiny house dwellers make it all seem. Sure, they may reflect on the struggle to thin out their books, tchotchkes and other nonessentials prior to moving in. Or maybe they’ll talk about the myriad challenges of self-building with no previous experience. But usually, these troubles — the doubt, the worry, the remorse, the crippling claustrophobia — seem to be well behind them.

Everything is hunky-dory! Couldn’t be happier! exclaims the theoretical tiny house dweller as she prepares a gourmet meal on a single-burner propane camping stove, responds to emails for her thriving web design business and tends to her windowsill garden of organic herbs — all at the same time.

But it probably wasn’t always that way.

In an only slightly cringe-y new video for BuzzFeed Yellow, B.A. Norrgard, a former Dallas litigation paralegal-turned-tiny house dweller who documents her own struggles and triumphs with extreme home downsizing on the fantastic A Bed Over My Head blog, invites a handful of millennials — two couples and a single gentleman of formidable height — to get to know her compact abode to see how they like it. Tiny house living is a lifestyle decision that almost always comes with a “not for everyone” disclaimer. As we learn in the video, that disclaimer really applies to these five folks as they awkwardly fumble around Norrgard’s lovely 112-square-foot living space — a Four Lights Tiny House Company design from Jay Shafer, in case you were wondering.

Before leaving the tiny house testers to their own devices, Norrgard briefly shows them the ropes, including how to use the composting toilet and navigate the kitchen. There’s plenty of nervous laughter and lots of questions; you can see glimmers of both excitement and trepidation in their eyes.

Without further detail, I encourage you to watch to see how the guinea pigs explore and interact with their new environment. There’s bickering, falling objects, Harry Potter references, vodka-fueled contemplation, divorce jokes and a struggle to open a jar (“we needed that flavor profile for the quesadillas.”) Basically, all stuff you'll find in a conventionally sized home.

Via [BuzzFeedYellow/YouTube]

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