The snow-covered chaos continues to rage on in New York City several days after the Boxing Day Blizzard (enough with the infuriatingly tired “we’re doing the best we can so please stop whining” shtick, Daddy Warbucks Mayor Mike, it’s time you took a cue from Cory Booker) and I’m still stranded across the country — in the comfort of my parents’ home — for another five days.

Darn. I was kind of hoping I was there in the thick of it all, at my home in Brooklyn, to document the bedlam and share it with you guys (here's a photo the NY Times snapped of my street). That said, I think not being able to get anywhere (apparently my neighborhood got hit particularly hard and cleanup has been nonexistent/sluggish at best) would have gotten really old, really quick.

The best I can do is share a fantastic time-lapse video (one photo every five minutes for 20 hours) of the storm's fury captured from someone else’s home — the Belmar, New Jersey backyard of photographer Michael Black, to be exact. The video doesn’t contain car-destroying snowplows, abandoned city buses, freaked out citizens, or cute animals frolicking in the white stuff. It’s just a simple, 40-second clip of a suburban backyard and it’s perhaps the best storm-related video out there.

UPDATE: Another standout viral video of the blizzard has hit the worldwide interwebs and it's a beauty. Also, Mayor Bloomberg has apologized for the city's sluggish response to the blizzard but you can tell it wasn't easy for him to do. As Gawker notes, "it's responsibility-accepting of a distinctly Bloombergian flavor: bitchy, and through clenched teeth."

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Watch: N.J. backyard gets buried in snow in 40 seconds
The most dramatic video of the Boxing Day Blizzard doesn't contain people freaking out or cars being destroyed by snow plows ... just a suburban N.J. backyard a