I don’t know about you but if I decide to run a hot bath — which isn’t that frequently — it’s during the fall and/or winter months to unwind and sooth sore muscles. I mean, after all, who wants to take a steamy bubble bath when it’s 90 degrees out?

If you happen to have long, luxurious baths on the brain given that winter is (ugh) around the corner, you might also be thinking about water conservation since, after all, filling a bathtub requires a whole lot of H2O (but sometimes less than a shower when a low-flow showerhead isn’t being used) especially if you’re blessed with one of those whirlpool bad boys.

Enter un-sexy sounding “Water Displacement Objects”, a prototype design from NYC-based German designer Rochus Jacob. Place a couple of these stylish faux stones made from recycled plastic in your tub and, thanks to the miracle of displacement, you’ll only need about half as much water to fill it. Just think of Jacob's concept as a design-y, bath-centric spin on the brick-in-the-toilet-tank trick.

Says Jacob of his design, a shortlisted entry in the Designboom-organized, eco-minded 2010 Incheon International Design Awards (IIDA):

Many people stopped taking a bath in favor for a shower to save water. I always loved taking
a bath but felt guilty about the consumption. By adding volumes to your tub, the amount of water
used can be drastically reduced without radically changing behavior. 'Water displacement objects'
enable people to take a full bath with 50% less water. It is a simple product made out of post consumer water. I unconsciously collected stones at the beach that are just beautifully shaped by nature. 3D scanning them allowed me to manifest their form in a prototype.

Just like Jacob’s ingenious power-generating Murakami Chair that took top prize at IIDA 2009, I'm totally digging this concept although I have to wonder where the stones actually go in smaller-sized bathtubs (and I'm also guessing that Jacob meant to say "plastic" instead of "water" in the above description). Given that I displace a whole lot of water myself, it might be a tight squeeze with me and a couple of stones in one tub. What do you think of Jacob’s concept? Do you employ any water-saving tricks or techniques when running a hot bath? 

Via [Designboom]

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Water displacing 'stones' make a splash
Love taking hot wintertime baths but weary of wasting water? Rochus Jacob's inoffensive-looking, recycled plastic 'Water Displacement Objects' let you enjoy a