I’m not sure if birds will actually flock to a Solar Birdhouse, the newest creation from Dutch design firm Oooms, for a nighttime nosh (seems more likely to attract unsavory winged critters like moths) but I’m keen on this birdhouse-by-day/beacon-of-light-by-night concept.

The rather nondescript-looking birdhouse has a small solar panel on its roof that collects enough juice to a charge small battery inside the house. At nighttime, the battery powers a transparent stick (looks an awful lot like a glow-stick) that juts out from the front of the avian grub-shack. The stick acts as a neon sign/seating for birds (and other winged creatures) with serious cases of the midnight munches. It also double as a small exterior nightlight.

The burning question proposed by Oooms that’s behind the creation of the Solar Birdhouse: “Why would only humans make use of eco-friendly technology?”

Good question … leave it to the Dutch to truly think outside the box. Oooms has released some pretty interesting products in the past like gorgeous Wooden USB Sticks and the LED, wineglass-shaped Glassbulb Light, but this is the firm’s first foray into renewable energy/birdfeeder land.

Of course, a bird chateau is not complete without vittles. I'm not sure what the Oooms folk are feeding them over in Eindhoven, but I suggest stopping by Wild Wings.

Solar Birdhouse available direct through Oooms (approx $90.00)

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Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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Dutch design firm Oooms has created affordable, solar-powered housing ... for birds.