As my own father, a quintessential vinyl hoarder collector, could probably tell you, there’s only so many places you can store hundreds of old LPs before they start to take over and work their way into your home décor. Or before they meet their end in a local landfill.

Enter Wrecords by Monkey, an eco-conscious Williamsburg, Brooklyn-based design company that rescues old, possibly landfill-bound vinyl records and upcycles them into home accessories and jewelry. Sure, there are plenty of decorative serving bowls made from reclaimed Ashford & Simpson LPs floating around the eco-retail sphere but Cityscape Mirrors (above), Cityscape Décor Trim Sets (below) and Graffiti-n-Brick Light Switch Plates (below left) made from recycled records? Not really.

These creations along with several other items are part of Wrecords by Monkey’s Off the Train Interior collection. They're truly inspired, one-of-a-kind, (not to mention gently priced) and I totally dig 'em. 

According to the WRecords by Monkey website, the company has prevented over 100,000 records from entering landfills and/or collecting dust since starting up business in 2004. They also use water-based inks and paints and maintains an eco-friendly production facility. Cool stuff.

Take a look at the entire OTT Interior line from Wrecords by Monkey line here. Any of the designs catch your eye? 

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Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Wrecords by Monkey: From turntable to wall art
Hip, urban and eco-friendly, the Off the Train collection of home accessories from Wrecords by Monkey includes switch plates and wall trim made from recycled vi