Spotted earlier this month at the winter installment of this year’s New York International Gift Fair is a lovely new spring release from Areaware that's perfect for tidying up that ungodly jumble of scarves, hats, and other winter-y accessories tossed into a pile near your front door.
The creation of Brooklyn-based Kiel Mead, founding member of the American Design Club and designer of shuttlecock-shaped lighting solutions (I’m rocking one in my living room), 14k gold toilet flushers (at $5,500, I’m certainly not rocking one in my bathroom), and super-cute “Forget Me Knot” rings (a fabulous belated Valentine’s gift, if you're on the hunt for one), comes Driftwood Wall Hooks.
Handcrafted from, you guessed it, pieces of salvaged driftwood, the functional flotsam was collected by Mead himself at beaches across New York state. Haven undergone an eco-friendly bleaching and staining process, the hooks are available in an array of colors with shades that vary slightly. And, of course, each hook is completely unique in shape, varying in size between 7 and 12 inches. So you never really know what you'e going to get ...
Simple, charming, useful, and a great DIY project to try out yourself if you're so inclined, Driftwood Wall Hooks won't just come in handy during the winter months but year-round … they’re great for hanging jewelry, keys, handbags, dog leashes, belts, jump ropes, umbrellas, binoculars, you name it. And yes, I'm well-aware that the green Driftwood Wall Hooks pictured below look like big wooden pickles.
Head on over to Areaware to pre-order a Driftwood Hook for yourself. They cost $25 a pop and ship in mid-March.  On the hunt for something for a bit more substantial? Click here for more eye-catching and eco-friendly wall hooks and coat racks. 
Images: Areaware

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

You've got the hook: Driftwood Wall Hooks from Kiel Mead
A low-key highlight at this winter's New York International Gift Fair, Kiel Mead's Driftwood Wall Hooks for Areaware, are a colorful home organization solution