Now that the summer’s behind us and there’s a nip in the air, it’s time to put away all of our summer supplies (swim gear, outdoor riding toys, picnic things) and make way for the school supplies, warm coats and countless winter accessories. And let’s not forget all the stuff in your house that you’re constantly reorganizing anyway (What? Don’t you do that too?). Lucky for you, (and for me, the organization-obsessed) there’s lots of great storage options to choose from. Where to begin? Here’s some of my faves.

If you’re looking for a no-frills, sleek looking storage container, look no further than the Container Store. Sure, a lot of its organizing supplies aren’t as budget-friendly as I’d like, but you can’t beat the prices on its basic plastic storage containers. They’re so cheap that you can get a bunch of different sizes for anything and everything you need to store — from a pair of goggles to a pair of snow boots. Your closet may look a little nutty, sure, but anyone who smack talks is just jealous.

main_chanie_storage_0These woven storage bins are great for you don't want plastic bins to intrude on your home's decor. (Photo: Pier 1 Imports)

Another great storage bin that I’ve been eyeing for the shelf in my bathroom but haven’t splurged on just yet? The water hyacinth baskets from Pier 1. Hand-woven from natural hyacinth, these storage containers can give your bathroom, linen closet or front hall a cozy, rustic feel. Perfect for when plastic storage containers just won’t do!

One storage option I love isn’t really a storage container at all — it’s an ottoman. Ottomans are great for hiding toys, remotes, blankets — you name it! And ottomans aren’t just leather anymore. You can find pretty velvet ones to amp up the style factor in any space.

And ottomans aren’t the only furniture these days that doubling as storage space — check out this cool bed that lifts up to storage underneath.

Looking to organize your entryway now that school’s back and your kids seem to dump anything and everything in the front hall when they come in from school? A storage piece like this one allows your kids to have a convenient place to hang coats, store their gloves and scarves, and even gives you ample storage for things that need to go out that day (i.e. library books, packages to mail, etc.) in an “outgoing” bin. I use something like this with bins in the bottom for storing all my kids’ weekday shoes. Helps them remember to take their shoes off when they come in (plus for my floors), and beats searching for hours for that missing sneaker come 8 a.m. the next day (plus for me).

Vintage leather trunkThese vintage trunks make for great storage spots, but they can also double as tables. (Photo: Luiz Rocha/Shutterstock)

For an eco-friendly storage option, reused vintage trunks are just what the doctor ordered, serving as a kitschy end table or coffee table while also providing you more space to put stuff. Yard sales and Craigslist are great places to find these. Other eco-friendly options include the Way Basics storage cubes (found at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target, and Amazon) and Terracycle’s recycled plastic storage bin. I love the Way Basics cubes because you can mix and match the colors to suit any room or style. Of course, not to be outdone, the Container Store also has some eco-friendly storage options, many made from bamboo. And for even more eco-friendly storage options for your kitchen, don’t forget to check out MNN blogger Matt Hickman’s recent post.

I could go on for days. Please post in the comments below if you’ve got some great storage solutions yourself. Remember, you can never be too organized! (Well, according to my husband, you can.) Happy organizing!

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