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The 6 most pesky warm weather bugs

By: SC Johnson on Aug. 11, 2011, 2:57 p.m.
black and red image of a chigger


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Annoyance factor: 7

Favorite hangouts: Damp and shady wooded areas.

Most annoying when: You're enjoying a rigorous nature hike through a remote, wooded area.

Annoying, associated diseases and afflictions: Scrub typhus, Trombiculosis (extreme itching and swelling).

Disgusting eating habits: Chiggers — skin-eaters and not blood-suckers — do not "bite" nor do they burrow themselves under human skin. After attaching themselves to a host, they form a hole called a stylostome that allows them to chew up parts of the inner skin. This is all after these red-colored cousins of the tick (shown here enlarged appx. 1,500 times) inject a delightful digestive enzyme into the skin that helps to break down skin cells. Lovely.