Q: What is a cleaner concentrate?
SC Johnson is devoted to promoting Green Choices that can be executed every day. As a result, SC Johnson launched the Green Choices Marketplace to provide consumers alternatives to traditional cleaning products. The concentrated cleaning products, available on the Green Choices Marketplace website, are cleaning solutions that need to be combined with water to use. By using less packaging and reducing waste, they offer an environmentally-friendly cleaning option for families.

Q: Are concentrates available for different surfaces?
Yes, SC Johnson offers concentrated cleaners for a variety of surfaces. Our concentrated cleaners are available from our most trusted brands, including Windex® for glass, Scrubbing Bubbles® for bathrooms, fantastic® for kitchens, Pledge® for furniture and Shout® for carpets.

Q: Do concentrates clean as well as traditionally packaged products?
Yes, concentrates, available at Green Choices Marketplace, clean as well as traditionally packaged products. They are designed to provide the great results you expect from all SC Johnson home cleaning products.

Q: How do concentrates help the environment?
Compared to buying a whole new trigger bottle, using a concentrated refill from SCJ Johnson’s Green Choices Marketplace requires less packaging, decreases shipping impacts and reduces waste. Additionally, the bottles can be recycled in most community recycling programs.

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