Whether you’re going to the beach, getting ready to grill out in your backyard or headed to the ballpark, be sure you’re protected from pesky bugs with OFF! Botanicals® lotion and towelettes.

Summer scenarios


The seashore: You’re sitting under your umbrella reading a great mystery novel while your children bounce a colorful beach ball back and forth to one another in the ocean. Then, it happens – you feel something brush up against your legs. A friendly fiddle crab paying a visit? No, it’s a buzzing bug! You shoo it away, make sure the kids are fine and get back to your book. Ouch! Now, you’ve been bitten. You look down and detect a big swarm of no-see-ums. You think: No-see-um, no problem! You reach into your beach bag for an OFF! Botanicals® towelette because it has you covered.

The backyard: You know the summer is in full swing when your favorite flowers are blooming. Bright purple petunias, sunny yellow marigolds and vivid red zinnias put a smile on your face as you dig in the dirt. You listen to the sounds all that surround you – the buzzing of bees, dragonflies – and mosquitoes. You’re glad those bloodsuckers don’t stand a chance against the power of OFF! Botanicals®. 

The sleep-away camp: Max and Daisy are off to Camp Hideaway for three weeks this summer. Camp Hideaway, as its name implies, is located deep in the forest. Your kids cannot wait to get outside and explore! They’ll hike in the woods, ride horses, climb rocks, paddle down the river and more. They’ll have a carefree summer – and so will you. That’s because you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can depend on OFF! Botanicals® to keep your kids protected when they’re off having fun.

The ballpark: Summer league is the best! You’ve oiled up your glove, practiced your pitch and perfected your bunt. You have a feeling that the Acme Bottle Rockets are going home with the winner’s trophy this season! There’s just one problem – warm weather bugs seem to want to take home a trophy of their own this summer – you. What do you do? You keep flying insects, biting bugs and pesky pests away with OFF! Botanicals®. It works at keeping bugs at bay during the game and that’s a winning move!

A natural choice

When you’re ready to head outdoors, be sure to use OFF! Botanicals® to keep mosquitoes, black flies, gnats and no-see-ums at away. OFF! Botanicals® is made with oil of eucalyptus, a plant-based repellent that the CDC confirms is as effective as traditional repellents.

OFF! Botanicals’ dependable protection feels great on, not sticky or greasy. And it has a light, clean, fresh fragrance. In other words, bugs will notice it – not you!

So make a natural choice. Reach for OFF! Botanicals® this summer for powerful protection you can count on to keep warm weather bugs away. Find out more about OFF! Botanicals® at off.com.

Don’t let annoying warm weather bugs ruin your outdoor fun
Keep insects out of the outdoor activities that you and your family enjoy with plant-based OFF! Botanicals.