Going greener in the garden can start as simply as taking a fresh look around your home. You may be surprised how many opportunities are waiting to slip seamlessly into your current routine. Use these 10 ideas for inspiration.

1. Save the Waste Water
Get in the habit of tossing leftover ice cubes into planters and rinse water into the yard. Even the family pet can help contribute old water from its bowl.

Ice cubes

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2. Skip That Cute New Watering Can
Re-use milk jugs and liter bottles instead.

Milk jugs

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3. Water While You’re Away
Before you leave home for vacation, refill old water bottles and place them upside down in planters for a slow, steady drip.

Water bottles

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4. Upcycle Planters
Re-use old paint cans, colanders and even toys for a uniquely green look.

Upcycled paint can

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5. Pass the TP
Use old toilet paper rolls to protect new seedlings from hungry worms.

Toilet paper rolls

Photo: MonaMakela/iStock

6. Foil Your Foes
Eek! Save and re-use aluminum foil scraps to scare away garden pests.

Aluminum foil

Photo: cscredon/iStock

7. Prop the Cork
Was that lemon basil or clove basil? Keep your herbs straight by using old corks for markers – or scatter the corks in boxes and beds for extra pop.

Wine corks

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8. Pile It On
Start a compost pile with kitchen scraps. It can stay small or become big. Give composting a try and see how much you use.

Natural compost pile

Photo: leslav/iStock

9. Shell It Out
Save the shells from your next seafood dinner or beach walk to crush into your flowerbeds.

Sea shells

Photo: yoepro/iStock

10. Chime In
Just about anything that clanks can make a cool wind chime. Try painting old silverware or “keys to nowhere” in bright colors and stringing them together.

Pile of old keys

Photo: shank_ali/iStock

Today’s simple acts inspire a lifetime of habits. Get more tips and ideas from SC Johnson’s 30 Green Days Challenge.

Extra green thumb: 10 ways to reduce, reuse & recycle in the garden
Going greener in the garden can start as simply as taking a fresh look around your home. Use these 10 reduce, reuse & recycle ideas for inspiration.