Smart phones can make so many things in life easier. My smart phone syncs with my home computer, my calendar and even my husband’s calendar so that we all know what is going on in our busy lives at any given time. Smart phones can even make recycling easier. If you have a smartphone, check out a few of these free mobile recycling apps.
1. Recyclebank® – Earn rewards for recycling by signing up with Recyclebank. The mobile app allows Recyclebank members to view their points, enter new point codes, set recycling reminders and even order rewards. In fact, SC Johnson is partnering with Recyclebank for the SC Johnson Green Choices Recycling Challenge . During the Challenge fifty communities, one in each state, will compete for a $100,000 sustainability grant by increasing recycling participation within their community. You can learn more at .
2. My Recycle List My Recycle List is a wonderful app that allows you to search for recycling centers based on a zip code or your phone’s GPS data. Users can find centers that accept a wide variety of materials, including hazardous waste, yard waste and all types of plastic, metal and glass.
3. iRecycle iRecycle is more than simply a recycling center location app.  Users can also read the latest recycling news and even share recycling tips with friends on Facebook and Twitter.
4. Find Recycling – If you’re looking for an app that focuses entirely on locating nearby recycling centers, then Find Recycling is the app for you. Find Recycling will locate the nearest recycling center and then provide you with directions to the facility.
5. Aluminate Aluminate is an app specifically for aluminum can recycling, but it has some really great features. For example, you can set a goal of recycling 1,000 aluminum cans and the app will tell you how much cash you may be able to earn. Alternately, you can set a goal of earning $100 cash and Aluminate will calculate approximately how many aluminum cans you would need to recycle to earn that $100.
What is your favorite mobile recycling app?
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Five Free Mobile Recycling Apps
Smart phones can make so many things in life easier. But did you know they can even make recycling easier?